***New singer statement***

The Band is really proud to announce Maurizio "Evil" Mala Malaguti as its new official singer.

Evil temporarily replaced Mantis for all the summer leg of Spacepirates tour and now will be permanently part of the Family

Both the Band and the Rain Crew want to thank Mantis for his committment during the last years. Here's a brief statement by our previous singer: "Hey Folks, it's time for me to say goodbye to the Crew! Looks like Bologna has to wait a little more to get me back. "London is calling" became "London is keeping". It was a very hard choice to make but it is for the best. Sailing with these Pirates was an awsome journey. Thanks to Amos, Andrea, Gabry, Amedeo, Freddy, Edo, Ise Sara Dave and the whole crew".

So now it's time to say a big wHellcome to Evil Mala!


New singer announced